Growing cannabis at home

What is allowed to grow cannabis?

In the Netherlands, we have a policy of tolerance with regard to growing cannabis. This means that it is allowed to be blinkered, but certainly not legal. The maximum number of plants that may be grown for own use is five. Nevertheless, the grower will have to distance himself from his plants when it is discovered. There will then be no criminal prosecution.

When you grow indoors with lamps and other professional material, it will soon be seen as professional cultivation.

It is also forbidden for minors to grow marijuana.

hfavifvoseroueeuooesIn the Netherlands, most of the crops are grown at home. This is possible both outside and inside. With a relatively small investment, you can get started and are not dependent on anyone. You may grow up to five plants.

When growing cannabis plants, a division is made between:

Cannabis Sativa:


When using Sativa, we talk about a’ high’ feeling. This plant often produces higher THC levels. Sativas therefore work more on the mind. Sativa has the side effect that, once the drug has been worked out, it tends to be very bad. For people who use cannabis during their illness this can be a big advantage. In HIV and chemotherapy, we often see that people no longer want to eat because of nausea and vomiting.

Cannabis Indica:

This plant provides a more physical effect when used, also called’ stoned’. You get tired and relaxed. This does not mean that it doesn’t work on the psyche.