Cannabis grinder, our review of the top 3 models in 2018!

top cannabis grinders available on the market

Grinders have revolutionized joint preparation. No more resin-coated scissors and blackened fingertips. No need to wait until your mixture is perfectly refined. Load then turn, and great little heads are ready to be smoked. We present you the best grinders in 2018.

The best cannabis grinders

A cannabis grinder is a simple to use tool that facilitates the preparation of a joint in an orderly and efficient manner. Dried cannabis heads must be broken into pieces before they can be smoked.

Your preferred method of consumption may be in the form of a joint, blunt, bong or spray.

Whatever the situation, your precious heads will be better off if you break them into small pieces, because it will add even more. Not only do grinders make the job more comfortable, but they also help avoid wasting your heads.

The other methods of preparation can be sticky and thick, especially if you take into account all the new ultra resinous varieties available today in stores. When you have sticky fingers, filling your bong or spray can be a real pain. Tights from blunts and rolling sheets can quickly turn into a nightmare.

There are many types of grinders. Some are as simple as a grater, just like a reduced version of a cheese grater, but for weed. The other standard models come in the form of a single compartment where the heads are ground and then packed in a bong or other.

The other versions are much more advanced and can have up to 4 compartments! These collect the finely ground heads and the kief in separate compartments. Thus, the kief can be collected and stored for later use with the intention of being compressed to make hash or concentrate.

Our committed team sacrificed themselves for a good cause and tested and smoked much excellent quality ganja for research. We rolled many joints, packed multiple bongs until late at night for the sole purpose of being able to concoct this list of the best cannabis grinders for you. Find the best cannabis grinders actually sold on this post!

Rqs pollinator – a popular flagship product

This unique grinder/pollinator explicitly designed for royal queen seeds includes a crank rather than the standard rotational movement when grinding. The grids inside effectively sort your cannabis into fine, ready-to-use particles.

The grinding compartment provides a fluffy texture perfect for rolling joints or cones. Sprayers love balanced textures because it makes the heating stage even more efficient. More effective vaporization will ensure that nothing has been wasted in the chamber to heat the vapor.

The lowest compartment for the kief collects superfine particles, resin, dust and flying glands. Accept the challenge of trichome and try to make the biggest hash ball possible in 12 months, or else, add the collected kief to your mixture.

Exle xxl – ehle products are made to last

Here is a grinder/pollinator specially designed for the greedy of an critical capacity to be able to grind a consequent quantity of grass in one time. This bal├Ęze object invented by ehle is as robust as their famous bongs collection. Made from the highest quality cnc aluminum possible, this ultra-resistant grinder passes through any grass like a knife in butter.

Black leaf thc – german quality

This precision machined black leaf aluminum grinder/pollinator performs an elegant, friction-free rotation that makes grinding easier than ever. Its large capacity, knurled lid and nylon friction ring are the keys to the ease with which this grinder does what it is meant to do. The anodized finish prevents any damage, and the thc inscription on the lid makes it easy to see why this object is useful.

With super-sharp diamond-shaped teeth, these teeth can handle any cannabis head without the slightest difficulty. Transforming your crystallized flowers into a silky plush, a grass ready to be used, you will discover that the lower compartment is full of a mountain of kief. Why wait? Just add it to your grass to increase the power and taste of your next joint.


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