Canada: MPs vote to legalize cannabis

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Legalization should be effective in September. It would be the first country in the G7 to allow free consumption of this soft drug.

While France is divided over the opening of shops selling “ultra-light cannabis,” Canadian MPs on Monday passed the bill to legalize cannabis, making Canada the first G7 country to allow the free consumption of this soft drug.

The legislation passed by 205 votes to 82 and was referred to the Senate, which amended it. Under the Constitution, the Senate can delay the passage of a bill but not block it. Once the upper house adopts this reform, it must receive royal assent (signature of the implementing decree).

Effective legalization is expected in early September.

A maximum of four cannabis plants per person

Last week the Liberal government rejected 13 of 46 amendments proposed by the Senate, which approved the bill the week before after seven months of study.

One of these amendments would have left it up to the provinces to ban the cultivation of cannabis in the home, as Manitoba and Quebec wish to do. However, the government firmly opposed it.

“It is recognized that there are different perspectives across the country, but we have done the studies and consultations on home cultivation,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in justifying the government’s decision to allow up to four cannabis plants per person.

“In three years, we will be able to review what works, what does not work” in the law, he said.

Want to find out how to buy weed in Canada once it becomes legalized? Watch the following video:


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