Cannabis vaporizers for every type of user

different types of dry herb vaporizers

Vaporizers, in their different variants, have become one of the preferred ways to consume cannabis. These devices do not use combustion but heat, raising the temperature and causing the herb inside to release its cannabinoids, such as THC or CBD. These compounds are inhaled by the user in the form of vapor.

This process eliminates the harmful toxins produced during combustion (such as when we light a joint), and also allows users to get more out of their cannabis. In the long run, this makes it the most economical option because you can vape for longer periods of time with smaller amounts of herb.

Moreover, they exploit better the components of the plant: whereas by smoking a joint, the body absorbs only 20% of the THC that the cannabis initially has, a vaporizer allows to absorb up to more than 90% of the THC stored in the cannabis.

Moreover, their level of operation is adjustable: the temperature at which the different cannabinoids present in the plant are vaporized ranges from 157° to 220° Celsius and can be adjusted. The low temperatures offer a more tranquilizing effect and the higher ones produce a more tonic and physical effect.

Desktop vaporizers

Tabletop cannabis vaporizers are designed to be used at home and are especially useful for people who use the plant for therapeutic purposes. They allow you to control the density of the vapor that is inhaled and, in addition, a very high level of THC is absorbed, which is especially important when using cannabis to combat the symptoms of an illness.

These tabletop cannabis vaporizers are generally of two types: those that fill a balloon with air and those that incorporate a mouthpiece through which the vapor is inhaled. The Volcano, with both digital and analog models, and the Zephyr Ion are two of the most popular balloon vaporizers. These devices have a chamber where ceramic plates heat the air, a pump that impels it and a closed chamber that is placed on the device and on which the air balloon is fixed.

Portable vaporizers

Portable vaporizers have been designed to be used both inside and outside the home, if what you are looking for is a simpler and less conspicuous device. Most share the same design and function, although they come in a wide variety of styles. Some have rechargeable batteries and others are battery operated.

There are many models available such as the Essenz Micro, the Vapbox, the DaVinci Ascent, the VapOmax V.8 or the Arizer. Their main difference is the quality of their materials and whether or not they can change the temperature and monitor the status of the battery. In this case, Vapbox is the cheapest and simplest model, and VapOmax V.8 is the top of the range.

Small and rectangular, these vaporizers for dry herbs incorporate a mouthpiece that is generally reminiscent of the upper part of a straw that protrudes from a glass and through which the vapor is inhaled. The operation is simple for all the models: it is necessary to introduce the cannabis inside, to close them and to make them heat. When the time comes, the mouthpiece can be used for absorption.

Pen vaporizers

In the range of portable vaporizers, it is necessary to underline the vaporizers “pen”, those whose shape reminds that of a pen or an electronic cigarette. Discreet and very easy to carry, these devices work particularly well with concentrates such as oils or cannabic waxes.

Vaporizers that work with hash oil and cannabis resins are powered by a rechargeable battery or batteries that heat the chamber where the cannabic component is located and from which the tube through which the vapor is processed and released will emerge. The beginners in cannabis will have to be careful because, the first times, insofar as they are oils and resins composed of a very high rate of cannabinoids, the high can be very important.