The launch of a new generation of vaporizers

new generation of weed vaporizers

A new generation of vaporization devices is coming to transform the way people with chronic illnesses use cannabis for medical purposes, while potentially reducing the risks associated with some forms of inhalation.

The effects of inhaled cannabis have a rapid onset of action

The Canadian Pain Society and the European Federation of Neurological Societies recommend medical cannabis as a second or third-line treatment option for chronic neuropathic pain.

Medical cannabis inhalation leads to a rapid onset of effects. Therefore, inhalation is a viable alternative for patients whose symptoms require a rapid onset of action and whose symptoms are not managed quickly enough by an oral dose of ingested capsules or oil.

Individuals seeking rapid relief from potential pain through inhalation face two issues: they want to avoid the use of illicit vaporizers, and they want to minimize the risks associated with traditional smoking.

Vaporizers are a reliable alternative

In the first wave of legalization in Canada, only vaporizers using ground cannabis flowers were allowed. These vaporizers allow the cannabis, the sole ingredient, to be heated to a lower temperature than when smoking cannabis, allowing the release of the active compounds as vapor and not smoke. This could minimize exposure to combustion byproducts.

Spectrum Therapeutics is excited to offer the next generation of vaporization technology. These are vaporizers for cannabis extracts and terpenes that are portable and easy to use. The vaporizer consists of two parts: a cartridge containing cannabis extract and a battery vaporizer designed to accommodate 510 threaded cartridges.

Few ingredients, simplified hardware design

Canopy Growth has designed a new generation of vaporizing accessories and formulation from the ground up. Recent reports on vaporizer safety have highlighted the importance of adhering to federal regulations for cannabis products, including pen vaporizers. Our vaporizers are tamper-proof, traceable and compliant with Health Canada regulations.

Trusting the ingredients in any vaporizer is important, which is why our ingredient list is kept to a minimum:

Cartridges contain derived cannabis extract and added terpenes

Extracts contain THC, CBD or a combination of both substances depending on what the cartridge you purchase says

Contains no added nicotine, vitamins, minerals, sugars, sweeteners or dyes

Suppliers are committed to maintaining a high level of quality for cannabis extracts, derived without the use of vegetable oil or diluents such as vitamin E acetate

A product designed from A to Z

Every part that would come in contact with the cannabis extract or the patient’s mouth has been manufactured using the highest quality inert materials: steel and surgical grade borosilicate glass.

All of our vaping products are manufactured to the UL 8139TM certified safety production standard, which means that every electronic part of our products, including the battery, has been certified by UL.*

Three cannabis cartridges are available at in the easy-to-use Spectrum structure.

With their ingenious design and innovative cannabis extract formulas, our pen vaporizers offer a reliable alternative to smoking and illicit vaporizer use.